July 22, 2016

Family Beach Week 2016 Part 1

Alison, L, EB, Sharon, Mason, Charlotte

Our annual Family Beach Week commenced last Saturday--I can't believe we're already over halfway through! This week has flown by in a flurry of food, crying babies, laughing kids, walks to the turtle pond, movies, catching up with old friends, the beach....the list could go on and on. 
Whenever we aren't out at the pool or beach (or napping...or eating...) we're doing puzzles and playing games! E and C love putting together puzzles together--the cousins were so proud of this one they did together!
The whole conglomerate of family within these walls is a pretty funny configuration overall.
EB, Sharon, Mason, Charlotte
S'mores is a tradition within Beach Week itself. We find sticks out behind our beach house and roast marshmallows over the grill until they're golden brown....or on fire. Smush the marshmallows between two graham crackers with a hunk of chocolate and you've got yourself a fire dessert.
The cousins really enjoyed the s'mores
We tried to get a photo of all four didn't go so well. 
This is the closest we got to them all smiling and looking at the camera....
Then it delved into this

The next day was a beach day!
We decided to go to the beach in the morning because one particular afternoon we tried to beach it and burned our feet on the sand! It only takes one time that you have to sprint up the sand in your bathing suit, trying to balance all of your items in your hands. Morning is better, trust my blistered toes.
Mason proudly displaying all his moon jellyfish he's collected off the beach
I asked them to show me their "crazy faces"
By far our most common activity after dinner is a family walk to the turtle pond near our house. We've been coming to the turtle pond since Mom and I and my grandparents actually lived in this house while they were fixing up their own house.
Aunts Sharon and Dawn
"I'm a tree!" --Logan
Family Beach Week, even among all the craziness, remains one of my favorite traditions. I've always loved spending time with my family, and as much as things have changed since I was little and calling for family dinners every night, I still wouldn't trade these wacky people and this crazy week, for anything.

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