July 24, 2016

Family Beach Week 2016 Part 2

As Family Beach Week tends to went by way too fast! It seemed like we all just got settled into the house before it was time to leave!
E's annual haircut was the same spectacle it normally is...EB is very attached to her hair and I think it freaks her out to have someone cut it off. Of course, after the tears in the chair she's perfectly fine and loves her new haircut courtesy of cousin Alison.
Butch--photo creds to Charlotte

Alison also was kind enough to trim my hair, Logan's hair, and Uncle Don's hair.
Thursday night was Colington night--we always make sure to go at least once during our week. I've truly grown up at Colington, our whole family is friends with the lovely owners and their family and it's truly like meeting up with more members of family during beach week when we go to Colington Cafe.

Half of us went to Colington for dinner and the other half went to a local baseball game--of course those of us at dinner got home first so we decided to have a little beach time!
L's expressions are priceless

No matter how crazy my family can drive me sometimes, I always know they love me and I always love them. Always. And I really love our traditions--especially Family Beach Week. It's the highlight of my summer and I couldn't imagine being who I am today without traditions like this week.
Friday tends to be the saddest/most hectic day because it's the end of our week--Saturday is move-out. We decided on a really simple dinner of corn on the cob + burgers and hot dogs (with some super yummy vegetarian substitutes, serious kudos to the Morningstar Black Bean burger) and since we have 6 people celebrating birthdays during the summer we always celebrate with a cake!
E really enjoyed her cake

 The cake was a little overkill after a really heavy dinner & it created a lot of leftovers--which was what we always try to avoid at the end of beach week. It was delicious, as always, and seemed a fitting, sweet tribute to the end of beach week. I'm already looking forward to next summer's beach week.


What are some of your favorite family traditions?

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