December 7, 2016

More Songs From My Best Friend!

This playlist is a little bit different from the others I’ve done, because in the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring a new genre that’s proved to be very, very therapeutic in these times of stress and disillusionment (*cough* college *cough* election). It turns out that naming this genre can get pretty tricky. It’s like EDM and house or progressive house. I don’t know. I’m new. But this kind of music is becoming more and more prominent these days, and for good reason. I know some people like to go, “It’s just noise, what happened to music?” Those people are boring.

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Walking With Lions — Codeko ft. Raphaella
This song was apparently the official anthem for a music festival, and it is so GRAND and so LIT. (K's note: Official anthem of the Electric Zoo music festival which looks SO AMAZING also this song also makes you feel like you're standing on top of the world so definite new fave)

Indian Summer — Jai Wolf
I first heard this on How to Get Away With Murder, and for whatever reason I just loved it, and so began my love affair with Jai Wolf.

With You — Jai Wolf 
Ahhhhh I’m not sure what I can say about this song aside from the fact that I love it so, so much and that it reminds me of summer and makes me want to dance. 

Whole Heart — Gryffin & Bipolar Sunshine
I think I first heard this on some ex-Bachelorette’s Instagram which is embarrassing but then I heard it again while exploring the Proximity YouTube channel. It’s so big and grand, a daydream-esque song that’ll bring all kinds of art and beauty back into your head. 

Love On Me — Galantis & Hook N Sling
THIS SONG IS SUNSHINE. (K's note: also the music video is an explosion of color and takes place in Thailand--must watch!)

Artist interpretation of Jai Wolf's logo (artist creds here)

Sober (ft. JRY) — DJ Snake
This is by the same man behind Let Me Love You featuring Justin Bieber, so it’s obvious gold.

Desire (Bunt Remix) — Years and Years

Parachute (P Williams Deep House Remix) — Jaymes Young
This song’s just one big fuck you and I live for it. 

Love Like We Used To — Captain Cuts (feat. Nateur)
Dis jam. You’re welcome.

Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974) — Jai Wolf

Here’s the third Jai Wolf song I’ve included on this playlist, and probably the one I think is most beautiful. People have said this is a song for driving around on a warm night, and I think that sums it up pretty well. It has proved to be the most therapeutic thing for me on some dull, artless days, because when I’m listening to it all my daydreams seem possible. AND I AM SEEING HIM LIVE THIS WEEK. Hope dis song makes your heart feel as full as it makes mine. 
This post comes from my resident music expert, and best friend, Amrita! I always turn to her when I need new music in my life, and though we share a similar taste in music she'll always be 10x cooler than I am in this regard (and every aspect if I'm honest...) I've never been much into EDM/house music but this playlist is changing my mind with every song!

From A: There are some real diamonds you’ll find when you give new things a shot. These songs have become the soundtrack of my life lately. I also want to note that I wish I’d discovered these songs in the summer rather than the fall. I hope they do for you what they’ve done for me. <3

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