March 3, 2017

February Favorites

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This bikini set from Zaful (affiliate link)
My name is Kate and I'm a bathing suit shopaholic. I never stop looking for the next cute suit! This is why I was so very happy when I stumbled upon Zaful. This bikini is actually now part of my collection--and I couldn't be a bigger fan! With a really interestingly-cut top, a bottom that actually covers my own, and the oh-so-on-trend leaf print, you can't go wrong with this $16.49 pick.

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When You Sleep by Mary Lambert
Softly sweet and melancholy, this song makes you feel about love and will pull at your heartstrings until you ache. Mary's soulful rhythm shines through this track, and I guarantee this song will be at the top of your playlist for the next few months. (If it's not, her other song She Keeps Me Warm will be)

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"How to Hygge" from Cup of Jo
Joanna has been one of my favorite bloggers for several years now. Like the older, more mature, Mom friend that finds the most eclectic and wonderful parts of the web and connects them all for you. Her entire website is worth checking out, but start with this post that gives you a Danish approach to life--and no I don't mean the prune-filled ones you bring to your grandmother.

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Lost Names by Richard E. Kim
Yes, technically this book was assigned to me in one of my literature classes this semester. However, I actually really enjoyed it and it is officially my February recommendation! "Lost Names" is a faux-memoir, recounting Kim's adolescence living in Korea under Japanese occupation, although he has taken artistic license with some of the facts of his upbringing. Read it to find a new appreciation for beautiful, almost lyrical, writing set in a very bleak situation.

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These super fun wedges from Charlotte Russe
Another addition to my collection, these adorable wedges are definitely already in my suitcase for spring break! They're flirty, they're fun, they're colorful, and they're comfortable without being too high or heavy! I snagged these at a bomb Charlotte Russe sale but at the moment they retail for $40.99 on 

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